My approach to Sports Massage

Sports massage is not just for sports people! It is for anyone who has discomfort and pain in their body, from back pain sufferers to club runners. I'm here to help. 

My approach to Sports Massage has evolved over 27th years as a Sports Massage Therapist. Treating the body as a whole is integral to my treatment.

The body works as a moving suspension bridge, where the muscles and connective tissue act as the wires and the bones are the pillars of the bridge. If the muscles are too tight or can't move properly, it is like increasing the tension in the wires on one side of the bridge causing strain in the wires on the other side. So no matter how much you loosen the wire under strain it will continue to be strained as the tension on the other side keeps pulling it taut. Reducing the tension in the wire on the other side would balance the tension in the bridge and fix the problem.

So you can see that the areas that are under strain and in pain are not always the area where the problem originated.

On your first sports massage appointment I assess the whole body to identify the source of the problem and how this has affected the rest of the body. I then apply a variety of soft tissue massage techniques to improve circulation and elasticity and give you rehabilitative exercises to restore balance to the body, thus allowing the body to function optimally.

The initial visits should be close together to obtain quick results and 2-3 treatments should see a significant improvement, provided you do your prescribed rehabilitative exercises. This could be followed by, a few monthly maintenance sports massage treatments to support you in your recovery. Or come in for regular sports massage as part of your healthy life style to aid recovery from training or the stresses and strains that life can give you!

About me

I graduated with a honours degree in Sports Studies in 1991 and furthered my practical education with courses in Sport Therapy and Sports Massage. I set up a mobile practice in Forest Row, East Sussex in 1992. After 5 years I was asked to lecture for a leading training provider Premier Training lecturing in Sports Therapy and Sports Massage. For two years I taught throughout the UK and guest lectured for other training providers. In 1999 I left to develop my practice as sport massage therapist. I built up a successful business based on home visits and then progressed to providing sports massage therapy and running back care classes for people with back problems at the Windsor Remedies Centre, a multi-disciplinary practice of Sports Physicians, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. I also had contracts with the television production company Endomol, working with the Sport Medical Team to provide sports massage during training and on set for the celebrity contestants of the sport reality showThe Games' and Sports Relief TV showOnly Fools on Horses’. I then moved to East Grinstead and have been developing my sports massage clinic at Lingfield Osteopathic Centre treating a variety of patients including members of the Lingfield Running Club, horse riders and patients with chronic back pain.